Course overview:

We have the ability to deliver all of your International Training needs here in Erbil, Kurdistan.

We have access to 50m, 100m and 600m ranges and can also incorporate vehicle live contact drills. We have access to secure training areas to facilitate all types of kinetic training, including walking drills, cross-decking drills, casualty extraction drills.

We have exclusive access to state of the art classrooms and conference rooms to meet your specific needs.


Will vary on the bespoke course required by the customer.


The Course will dictate the assessment criteria.


At the end of the bespoke course, you will receive a certificate as proof of attendance outlining the course training objectives.

Course duration:

Customer directed.

Life Support:

Prices will include food, accommodation, pick-up and drop off at Erbil International Airport.

Flights and Visas are the individual’s responsibility, but advice and recommendations can be provided.


Price on application.